Allocation Parts

Allocation parts

What are allocation issues?

Allocation issues arise when there is a scarcity of resources. Global conditions have caused some of the components to become more scarce than others which affects price and availability. 

When products are “allocated” it limits the quantity a customer can purchase.  Allocation is used when these components are in short supply or are forecasted to be in short supply. 

How does it affect supply chain?

When supply is low and demand is still high for these parts it causes an issue for the market. To ensure stability of the supply chain, ‘allocation’ of parts help slow the distribution fairly until the supply chain increases their supply. This causes lead time issues and quantity limitation of parts for each customer. 

How Lantek can help?

We offer in stock items and availability with a 1 year quality guarantee. Our specialized team has deep sourcing roots globally. Therefore, we will try our best to acquire these scarce components and allocate the desired quantity to our customers.

Call us today on 1-973-579-8100 or email if you are struggling to get a hold of components due to allocation issues. Our team is happy to help. 

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