Obsolete Electronic Component Sourcing Specialists

Specialists in finding obsolete electronic components

Based in New Jersey, USA, Lantek Corporation is your single source for all type of hard to find and obsolete electronic components.

We specialize in sourcing obsolete electronic parts from our global network of trusted sources and our extensive stocklist. With our highly-trained team of purchasing professionals and Account Managers, we can source best quality components at the best price.

Global sourcing and quality assurance

We have decades of experience in finding obsolete, shortage and other hard to find electronic components. We can source genuine hard to find and obsolete components from anywhere on the globe.

With our rigorous quality protocols, we can assure our customers that they are always secure in their purchases. Even beyond our own quality inspection process, we have a One-Year Quality Guarantee to further protect your purchases with us.

Find Obsolete Electronic Components

Don’t see the component listed? Just because we don’t show it, doesn’t mean we can’t get it. Click here to contact our team of sourcing experts and we will get back to you straight away.

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Our customer promise

Single point of contact

Single point of contact

Personal service through your dedicated Account Manager with no unwanted communications. We will only contact you as and when needed.

Rigorous Quality

Rigorous quality

Our industry leading component testing, inspection and quality procedures remove risks and protect your supply chain. Our in-house inspection team, combined with our regularly vetted test houses give you security when buying from us.

Global reach, local support

Global reach, local support

With a team of global sourcing experts, trusted supply network and international distribution hubs, we are able to source the components you need, when you need them.

Market expertise

Market expertise

With market experience build over three decades, we have the knowledge and skills to respond to urgent needs and changing market conditions.

Sell obsolete electronic components with SemiXS

SemiXS, a division of Lantek Corporation, can help you sell your obsolete parts with a flexible solution tailored to your needs. When you sell with SemiXS you get access to our database of OEMs, CEMs and distributors the world over. We can also offer specialized selling options so you get the most from your excess inventory.

If you need to make space fast we can offer a quick evaluation and instant cash for your stock. We will also arrange the removal of stock ourselves. Simply send us your excess electronic component list for a free appraisal today.