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Lantek Corporation

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Global Electronic Component Sourcing and Distribution

Lantek corporation is your one stop shop for everything from electronic component sourcing to excess inventory management. We have been a part of the electronics industry for the past 25 years and have grown from a small business based in Scotland to now having offices in the UK, The US and several locations around the word, deepening our hold within the electronics industry and becoming a major supplier for obsolete, shortage and end-of-line electronic parts and components.

Lantek- which came from the word “Atlantic”- shortened by General Manager Frank Cervino and Managing Director Daniel Yodaiken to reflect the worldwide appeal of the brand, was created when Frank came to visit Daniel in Scotland in 1994 and got offered a job instead! The rest as they say- is history!

Since then, we have worked with some of world’s largest electronic companies, supplying them with components from various brands such as Texas Instruments, Linear Technology, Tyko, Omron, Panasonic, Kemet and more, helping them overcome and resolve allocation, long lead time, obsolescence and quality-related issues.

We have a diverse team who have deep roots within the electronics industry and combined with their varied background, are able to provide you with increasingly creative solutions for everything ranging from your electronic component sourcing needs to excess inventory stock management through our sister company SemiXS. Our team will work with you and provide expert knowledge and reach, making your connection with Lantek Corp that much more beneficial for your company.

Lantek can source, supply and schedule your production quantities of electronic components, provide a tailored electronic manufacturing service and help manage and monetize your excess stock. Thanks to our flexible approach and commitment to quality processes, Lantek Corporation can be your one-stop shop when it comes to the electronics industry.

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Why Lantek?

Whether you require obsolete components, shortage components, or production quantities, this is why you will benefit from choosing to work with Lantek:

  • Extensive Stockholding

    All of our 190,232 stocked line items are ready for same-day shipping.

  • The Hard-to-Find Specialists

    We specialize in sourcing obsolete, shortage and long lead-time components.

  • 1-Year Money Back Guarantee

    We offer a one-year manufacturer's quality guarantee.

  • On-Time Delivery

    99.5% of all orders were delivered within a customer's required timeframe.

  • Quality-Checked Shipments

    All components are thoroughly checked and inspected by quality-trained staff.

  • Tailored Scheduling Services

    By booking your orders in advance with us, we can help streamline your supply chain.

Don't Just Take Our Word For It

Our company is a major OEM supplier for new and legacy oceanographic equipment we often have difficulty sourcing a variety of obsolete parts. However, Lantek has become our only source for ‘hard-to-find’ parts….and we purchase a majority of our components from Lantek.