About Us

About us

The best part about us is for the last 27 years, Lantek has committed to providing a first-class, personalized service. Focused on quality while fulfilling the component needs of customers all around the world.

Our diverse team holds deep roots within the electronics industry. Within our varied background and experience, Lantek can provide you with increasingly creative solutions. Everything ranging from electronic component sourcing, including hard-to-find, obsolete, and long-lead-time parts to excess inventory stock management.

The specific services we provide have helped our customers overcome problems relating to adverse market conditions. These include allocation, obsolescence, and quality issues when purchasing electronic components on the open market.

Lantek will work with you and provide expert knowledge and global reach. Making your connection with Lantek that much more beneficial for your company.

Call us today at 1-973-579-8100 or email sales@lantekcorp.com