The Benefits of Scheduled Ordering

scheduled ordering

Boost Productivity:

Boost manufacturing productivity and capacity utilization by having the parts readily available as and when you require them. This reduces the risk of lines down or stoppages to your production lines, which allows for maximum efficiency and production.

Fixed Pricing:

Orders can be scheduled up to 12 months in advance, so you get fixed prices which have no surprise price fluctuations!

Reduce Lead Times:

Reduce order to delivery lead time by more frequent & closer-to-delivery scheduling.

Improve Quality:

We can batch test against failing or fraudulent parts to help maximize the quality that you can deliver to your customer.

Outstanding Customer Service:

Work collaboratively with both us and your customer to ensure you get effective, smooth production processes and accurate, on time deliveries. Meet customers’ rising expectations and demand by delivering outstanding customer service at minimal production cost.

Save Money:

By ordering in bulk, you can receive a high volume discount which will assist you in keeping your production costs to a minimum. Helps with accurate budgeting as you only pay for the parts you require when you require them!

Save Space:

Release capital tied up in idle inventory wasting your valuable warehousing space with accurate planning and scheduling processes.

Be Prepared:

Part of a global sourcing network that holds over 14 million lines worldwide and can assist you with additional stock or hard-to-find components. Eliminate the need for significant time and effort with problem obsolescence issues, as you have pre-ordered and are prepared.

Get in touch:

if you like the benefits of scheduled ordering. Please don’t hesitate to call us on 1-973-579-8100. You can select with whom you wish to speak with by meeting our highly trained Account Managers here. Alternatively, just drop us an email and we will be sure to respond as soon as possible