Electronic Component Sourcing

Electronic Component Sourcing

Lantek Corporation are an electronic component distributor with over 30 years of experience

We are passionate about the electronic component industry and have built a global network dedicated to meeting the needs of our customers. The electronics industry is growing exponentially, and this clearly isn’t going to stop anytime soon. One of the most innovative and competitive industries is served by a broad range of companies involved. Those particularly in the manufacture, design, development, assembly and the servicing of equipment and components.

What we do

We work with many different businesses to source and supply electronic components which include hard to find and obsolete parts. With quality and price guarantees in place. You can rest assured that with Lantek Corporations distribution services you will get the best deal delivered with a personal touch.

Here are some of the distribution services we provide

Sourcing Electronic Components

Finding electronic components when they are no longer manufactured (obsolete and hard to find) requires an experienced network, plus reliable processes to ensure quality. Lantek Corporation boast a huge network that spans the globe. We have the processes and facilities in place to check every component line that we receive. Along with our partners we are confident that we can source the components you require. We may already have them ready to ship in one of our warehouses.

Supply Scheduling

Many manufacturers and distributors do not have the storage space, or the specialized facilities required for storing large amounts of electronic component stock. Production can also vary depending upon demand and an unanticipated spike can cause an issue if the supplier is unable to react in time. This can be problematic for manufacturers because without the components available, production will simply have to stop. Lantek Corporation offers a supply scheduling service that can facilitate the storage and delivery of components. To ensure production can reliably meet customer and business needs.

Supply Chain Support

We can offer support both in terms of technical knowledge and supply chain management to make things easier by removing barriers and complexity from your supply chain. This can include logistics and procurement alongside supply processes. With almost 30 years industry experience, Lantek Corporation provides a broad range of solutions for customers. We also deliver bespoke solutions designed to fit any supply chain requirement.

Buy Excess Stock

Manufacturers are often left with stock that they no longer require. This causes unnecessary expense in terms of storage, management, and the value that is locked in the components. Many businesses simply scrap the excess which is literally like throwing money away. Lantek Corporation, through our sister company SemiXS, will buy the excess stock and you can both receive payment and claim up top 19% back against tax liability.

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