Five Steps to Component Sourcing Scheduling

5 Simple Steps to Save Money, Save time & Increase Production with our scheduled service. 

Step 1:

If you have successfully bid for a contract, or you have been given a contract from an existing customer, forward the electronic component requirements to us with projected delivery dates.

Step 2:

We’ll source your required components and get back to you with a proposal. Review the proposal and then contact us to discuss your needs or provide feedback, which we always welcome.

Step 3:

Contact us to place your order for the full quantities, with an anticipated delivery schedule that can be varied to suit your needs.

Step 4:

Let us focus on providing you with the right stock, at the right time, smoothing your supply chain and cash flow, allowing you to focus on your key skills.

Step 5:

Relax and enjoy a stress-free production run.

Get in touch:

For fast,  personal service and urgent telephone enquiries, please don’t hesitate to call us on 1-973-579-8100 You can select with whom you wish to speak by meeting our highly trained Account Managers here.  Alternatively just drop us an email and we will be sure to respond as soon as possible