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General Manager

Frank has been a part of Lantek since its inception. He is originally from the Jersey Shore, but has called Sparta home for close to 27 years.

He enjoys working with his customers to solve their purchasing issues and supporting the Lantek sales team to do their absolute best!

Frank himself is motivated by his family and works to personally always do the best he can.

In his free time, you will catch Frank playing golf, running, travelling or listening to music.



Shaun has been with lantek for 9 years and enjoys the camaraderie that comes with his job.

Originally from Flander, New Jersey; he is motivated by a comfortable work environment that offers a strong work-life balance. Shaun also enjoys strong relationships with his co-workers.

Shaun loves developing long-term relationships with his customers and helping them make most of their excess electronic stock as well.

In his free time, you will find him watching movies, playing video games or spending time with  his family and his cat! 


Jane has been with Lantek Corporation for 5 years and looks at everyday as something new and challenging.

Although originally from New York, she is now a long term New Jersey resident and loving it!

Jane always tries to do her best in everything she does and this translates into the work she puts into solving her customer's sourcing issues.

In her free time, you will find her spending time with her beautiful family.


Erin has been with Lantek Corporation for 3 years and enjoys working with her colleagues and takes great pride in being able to find parts for her customers that are not available through their normal supply chain.

She is a highly motivated individual who thrives on meeting new goals, learning new things and improving on her skills.

In her free time you will catch Erin hanging with her friends, in the gym or spending time with her family.


Shannon has worked with Lantek Corporation for over 11 years. What she enjoys most about her job is the ability to find solutions to problems that her competition cannot!

Native to the beatiful garden state, Shannon is motivated by her two children and strives to always do better.

Outside of work, Shannon enjoys hiking, biking , Kayak and cooking.


Mona has been with Lantek for just over 2 years and enjoys the interaction between herself and her customers and seeing what her clients accomplish in their production schedule.

Based in our Canada office, Mona enjoys finding creative and resourceful ways to overcome supply chain challenges for her clients.

In her free time you will find Mona either cooking up a storm or reading an interesting biography!


Richard joined Lantek Corporation in 2005. He enjoys the variety and busyness that comes with the job.

An original New York Native, Richard is truly motivated in an atmosphere of excellent work ethic.

In his free time he enjoys fishing and hiking.



Wilson has been part of the Lantek team for over 2 years.

He is a very driven individual who will accomplish any goal he sets his mind to.

He enjoys the the responsibility of discretion of how to properly process orders, and ultimately feeling the satisfaction of finishing an order that comes with his job.

In his free time you will find him enjoying various forms of art,watching sports or playing basketball!


Liz has been with Lantek Corporation for 14 years and counting!

She truly enjoys working with customers internationally and developing long lasting relationships with them.

In her spare time, she enjoys spending time with her 6 year old, and considers her family her greatest motivation.



Lindsay has been with Lantek for over 4 years.

Her strengths include building great relationships with customers and helping them with their supply chain, she is also very driven to achieve great customer service and makes sure to provide a positive experience for everyone she works with.

In her free time, you will catch her on the beach, on vacation or spending time with her family and friends.