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Scheduled Ordering

Scheduled Ordering

Lantek’s strong trading relationships allow us to deal openly with component manufacturers and distribution partners to secure large quantities of stock at competitive prices. Couple that with our global buying network incorporating offices in North America, Europe, and Southeast Asia, and we have the significant purchasing power that we can leverage to your advantage.

Our scheduling service provides you with the convenience of placing one order, spread over the course of a predetermined period. As we move to protect the stock that you need, we can get preferential price breaks and lower per-unit costs that would otherwise be unavailable. You will benefit because we pass this saving straight on to you.

Through scheduled ordering, the stock will be allocated for your use. You then only need to let us know when you would like the parts to be delivered.

No more worrying about shortages. No more worrying about lead times. No more worrying about price increases.

By signing on to our scheduled ordering service, you get the parts you need when you want them without any hassles. 

Ask us how!

Scheduled ordering is a service we provide where over a period of twelve months or more, you will be able to take control of your production timetables and achieve annual cost-savings across your supply chain.

In recent years, the electronic component supply chain has suffered from instability and as a result, it has experienced a lot of disruption. Lead times have fluctuated and shortages have become a common occurrence. Combined, these two issues have caused concern, and difficulties in numerous purchasing departments due to a mixture of short supply and rising costs.

What if you could eliminate those common problematic issues and secure all the components needed for a twelve-month period in one go?

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How can Scheduled ordering benefit you?

  • Eliminate the need for significant time and effort with problem obsolescence issues, as you have pre-ordered and are prepared for what could potentially happen.
  • Orders can be scheduled up to 12 months in advance, so you get fixed prices that have no surprise increases.
  • Meet customers rising expectations and demand by delivering outstanding customer service at minimal production cost.
  • Release capital tied up in idle inventory wasting your valuable warehousing space by accurate planning and scheduling processes.
  • Reduce order to delivery lead-time by more frequent & closer-to-delivery scheduling.
  • Work collaboratively with both us and your customer, which will ensure you get effective, smooth production processes and accurate, on time deliveries.
  • Reduce the risk of line down or stoppages to your production lines, which means you are most efficient and will maximize productivity.
  • Helps with accurate budgeting as you only pay for the parts you require, when you need them.
  • By ordering in bulk, you can receive a high volume discount, which will assist you in keeping your production costs to a minimum.
Scheduled ordering benefits