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Lantek's One-Year Quality Guarantee

Whenever you make a purchase through Lantek, you will be protected by our One-Year Quality Guarantee.

That means that if the parts we provide you with fail to meet manufacturer’s specification within twelve months, we will either replace the parts free-of-charge, no questions asked, or refund the original purchase price.

Our entire sourcing network is subjected to a set of strict quality standards, and this includes our own internal operations. Every part that passes through our warehouse undergoes rigorous testing procedures, ranging from visual inspection through to independent verification from a specialist testing house.

Our Commitment to Quality

Lantek Corporation has significantly invested in testing technology, procedures, and standards, which includes following the specific procedures indicated by our ISO9001:2008 compliance.

In addition, our highly trained and ESD qualified staff take the time to visually inspect electronic component items upon their arrival, ensuring that the quality of such components is of the highest standard.

Our unique set of procedures and techniques for authentication of electronic components help to minimize the risk of counterfeit parts entering the supply chain. As well as monitoring approved suppliers, our inspection process and policy procedures will provide you with quality products and will help safeguard against counterfeiters and defective parts.

All parts go through our extensive visual inspection process before we ship them out. The parts are thoroughly checked for any type of damage, bends in the leads, corrosion, and staining. In addition, the part numbers are double-checked for accuracy against all paperwork on file.

If you ever have any questions or concerns about our testing procedures, please be sure to ask your dedicated account manager.


Quality Procedures


Counterfeit components entering the supply chain is regularly stated by industry professionals as the biggest fear that they have. A single fraudulent part could delay production and cause untold problems for manufactured products.

What procedures do we have in place to ensure that we can guard against counterfeit components entering your supply chain?


Lantek Corporation takes extreme pride in our commitment and dedication to our everyday customers, which includes our important commitment to industry leading components testing and quality standards.

As an independent distributor with a strict anti-counterfeiting stance, what steps do we take on site to ensure a component’s authenticity?

Don't Just Take Our Word For It

We have had the pleasure of working with Lantek for a number of years now. Our account manager always treats me as the most important person of the day and they understand how to make our challenges their top priority. Making use of Lantek allows us to focus on other areas of the business - We can only give Lantek and their team our best and most sincere recommendations.

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