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Electronic Component Sourcing

When it comes to electronic component sourcing, while other distributors would have long given up looking for parts and attempting to secure stock, Lantek continues, going the extra mile to fulfil the exact requirements of your RFQ / enquiry.

With over twenty years’ experience as a leading electronic component distributor, we have the knowledge and know-how needed to provide a first-rate service.

Thanks to our unique position within the electronics industry, we have access to over 16 million lines of electronic components, the status of which can be checked instantaneously thanks to our Fast Component Search facility.

Our component sourcing network is connected worldwide and these parts are available to us through our offices and strategic relationships with franchise distributors and semiconductor manufacturers in key locations, such as Canada, the United Kingdom, and the Far East. Through our procurement network, we will exhaust all options and locate stock of hard-to-find, obsolete and long lead time parts, even when others can’t.

Our established customer base of original equipment manufacturers and contract electronic manufacturers can attest to our industry-leading electronic component sourcing service and dependability. By working with Lantek, you retain all the benefits of entering into a partnership with a reputable, American firm, while also getting the advantages of sourcing globally.

By being able to search through millions of lines of components in real time, we can provide you with the following benefits:

Large Stockholding

We hold an extensive range of components stocked in our purpose built, environmentally controlled warehouse. At last count, we were holding 190,232 line items of active, passive, and electromechanical components. Our number of line items continues to grow on a daily basis.

Global Procurement Network

If we do not have the components you require in stock, you can rely on us to search the globe to find the parts you need. Aside from our U.S headquarters, we have staff and offices located in key strategic areas around the world, including Britain, mainland Europe and the Far East.

Franchised Supply Agreements

We can secure preferential pricing and delivery arrangements. This means that we can often source components faster, at a better price, for our customers.

Worldwide Search Database

Our procurement team uses our extensive search database, which gives real-time information on the availability of over 16 million parts. This means you get a global view on component availability with the touch of a button.

Don't Just Take Our Word For It

As a manufacturer, you need a supplier you can depend on for quality products at great pricing. Lantek Corporation understands this. Many suppliers give you commitments, while Lantek Corporation holds true to theirs. Dependable, trustworthy, reliable...those standards are shown in everything they do. Where others falter, Lantek Corporation succeeds. They pay attention to every detail and are quick to respond. For all of these reasons, Lantek Corporation has remained one of our first choice vendors for the past four years.

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